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Vernon's Canada Water Depot: Our Daily, Weekly & Monthly Specials


Happening Right Now

Tuesdays receive $2.00 off a 5-gal alkaline refill and $1.00 off a 3-gal alkaline refill (applicable to inside refills only).


July & August

Purified Ice Special: Buy 3 bags and get 1 free!

Anyone needing large quantities (20 + bags) must prepay and give us a minimum of 5 days' notice.


Everyday Specials (all year round):

50% off your first alkaline water fill.

25% off of the second fill.

All regular alkaline water customers receive every 13th fill free!

For customers using the outside vending machines for regular R.O. Water, you can fill 4 of your 18.9L (5 gal.) bottles for only $7.00! Save $1.00 every time you fill 4 bottles.


Birthday Special

Bring in your identification and receive one regular R.O. water fill free! Or receive half-off one alkaline water fill-up.


Monthly Draw

You can also enter our monthly draw for a chance to win free water fills or a bottle of wine made with alkaline/ionized water.

For a more detailed description of all we have to offer, take a look at our Product and Service Information. Also, don’t forget to read Our Specials to see all of our special offers.

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